Enterprise Augmented Reality

A new world of experiences for customers and end users

Supported by the award winning technology from our partner RE‘FLEKT, we leverage content, technology and processes to deliver scalable AR solutions tailored to your specific business needs. 

While digital transformation is adding pressure on every organization and raising customer expectations, Augmented Reality has gained substantial worldwide attention.

Augmented Reality (AR) technology allows you to overlay images, videos and other digital information in a real-world physical environment. By superimposing these data directly onto the real objects, AR allows maximum precision for service and maintenance processes, remote assistance and sales presentations.

Although this is not a new concept, it recently found momentum in different areas of application through the wide spread use of capable devices such as smartphones, tablets, and glass-devices. AR and VR are now key elements to improve business efficiency in extended domains such as production, maintenance, training or marketing.

Augmented Reality: What's in it for your business?

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AR technologies offer a whole new world of experiences to demanding prospects, customers and end users. Whether it’s supporting on-site service technicians or showcasing products, these applications present a versatile way to increase revenue through multiple business operations.


Simplify recurring inspection procedures guiding on-site technicians with step-by-step visual instructions and automated reports. 

  • Increase customer service levels
  • Reduce the need for specialized training 
  • Save costs and traveling time on repairs


Ensure faster and accurate repairs delivering the necessary information to service technicians directly in their work environment.

  • Cut downtime and errors in complex operations
  • Close the skills gap in your workforce
  • Improve customer satisfaction


Increase the effectiveness of your training programs by replacing typical lectures, manuals and reading instructions with immersive learning experiences.

  • Recreate real-world scenarios
  • Ensure higher knowledge retention
  • Reduce costs and preparation times


Connect end-users and field technicians to remote experts, for real-time collaboration through live-video sharing and augmented content. 

  • Ensure service differentiation and customer value
  • Spare highly experts resources and traveling costs 
  • Provide infallible support to any type of user

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A Scalable Augmented Reality Solution for Your Business

We leverage content, technology and processes to ensure scalable AR solutions specifically tailored to your business goals.

Our expertise in content and digital strategies across industries supported by the award winning technology from our partner RE‘FLEKT allows us to support the full development of AR projects, from concept to delivery.

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