Life Sciences Industry

The pursuit of global markets is becoming increasingly complex: globalization of processes, worldwide quality, operational excellence, effective communication customized to local languages and cultures, and shortened time to market are all vital to success.

To provide high-quality, safe, and efficient products that help millions of people worldwide, it is imperative for you to secure the best in-class technology, consulting, and translation services that are tailored for life sciences-related challenges.


Develop global content
Manage regulatory data
Manage documents and processes
Translate and localize content for international audiences
Centralize translation processes and assets

AMPLEXOR’s complete ecosystem of proven solutions and services helps organization leaders achieve their goals. AMPLEXOR provides them with technology and strategies that support the development, production, localization, and international marketing of medicinal products and medical devices, all in full compliance with the regulatory demands of the EMA (European Medicines Agency), the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and other national authorities worldwide.

AMPLEXOR’s industry-leading experts help organization leaders better manage their content by improving overall product lifecycle management, translating documents more efficiently and accurately, reducing time to market, and enabling sustainable compliance.

As an organization, your first role is to innovate. However monitoring and adapting to an ever changing landscape can detract you from that focus.

Collaborate more efficiently, and adapt more swiftly

Our integral or modular solutions are the support you need


With a unique track record of almost 30 years within the life sciences industry, we fully comprehend the challenging universe in which you operate: it is all about regulation, validation, and compliance to local and cultural requirements. Our technology and service solutions are geared towards content-focused processes and are designed to meet the demands of global organizations. They integrate into your existing IT landscape, are easy to use and fully compliant, and can be validated.

Life Sciences Suite

A compliance-centric suite that enables life sciences companies to replace siloed tools with a single authoritative software product.

Language Solutions for Life Sciences

One-stop-shop for all your life sciences content needs: from multilingual content creation, management, and publishing.



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