Tailored strategies to guide your business digital transformation and optimize all your digital channels, online visibility and social reputation.

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Strengthen brand positioning and user engagement across all digital touchpoints – from corporate websites to partner portals and next-generation intranets.

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Enhance your global marketing efforts through personalized tactics that attract, engage and retain your prospects and customers across channels.

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Innovative tools for after-sales and self-service support to improve customer engagement and satisfaction within each phase of the buying journey.

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Streamline the lifecycle of information to optimize business communication, boost employee productivity and gain complete process visibility.

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Connect your teams with a full-blown collaborative ecosystem that maximizes mobility, productivity and efficiency organization-wide.


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Gain 360-degree customer insight and deliver best-in-class case resolution by integrating customer interactions with business information and processes.

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Optimize and secure your information workflows with a GDPR strategy focused on the privacy by design/default vision and integrated accountability.

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Speak the language of your customers and reach new markets with expertly translated content for all touchpoints and industries, including Life Sciences.

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Simplify translation projects and vendor management with Transplicity, our intelligent, flexible translation management technology .

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Discover SiteSync, a faster and easier solution for website translation that can reduce your website time to market by up to 90% and deliver on-demand analytics.

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Develop engaging multilingual content for any target audience and execute marketing campaigns that are optimized to maximize ROI.

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A powerful business intelligence tool designed to standardize the data management process across your entire company and over the entire life cycle of your products.


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The most advanced, flexible, and mature solution that helps users create, compile, and manage regulatory submissions and submission publishing.


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A highly flexible solution, which enables users to efficiently manage R&D project and document management, including trial management.


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An integral, flexible, and enterprise-ready software, which supports quality management processes as well as controlled documents, enabling life sciences companies to reduce regulatory risks and improve product safety and quality.

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25 APRIL 2019 | Leuven, Belgium

OpenText DigiGov 2019

Next 25 April, AMPLEXOR will host the OpenText DigiGov 2019 session in Leuven, Belgium. Together with OpenText, we will dive into real case scenarios of how public organizations are taking advantage of DigiGov technologies to fuel citizen services innovation, while seamlessly managing behind-the-scenes workflows and integrations.

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25 APRIL 2019 | Mechelen, Belgium

Vonk Congress 2019

Vonk Congress returns for a full-day conference exploring intranet trends and disruptive approaches to internal communication. As sponsor, AMPLEXOR showcases how next-generation intranets offer a new world of premium employee experiences and modern collaboration.

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25 APRIL 2019 | Leuven, Belgium

AEM Developer Meetup Belgium

Join the upcoming AEM Developer Meetup Belgium co-hosted by AMPLEXOR in the university town of Leuven, Belgium. Meet other Adobe developers, explore the latest technology updates and get inspired with real-world Adobe project stories!

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7 MAY 2019 | Online

Augmented Reality: What’s in it for your business?

Curious about the AR possibilities in your own business context and how this new technology can upturn your revenue? Join our webinar next 7 May and find out what’s in it for your business.

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AMPLEXOR showcases business analytics platform at SAP NOW 2019

10 Apr 2019

AMPLEXOR attended the annual SAP NOW event in Lisbon, Portugal to demonstrate how a business analytics platform is key to enhance the way we work and the services we provide to our customers.

AMPLEXOR wins Valo Marketing Master of the Year 2019 Award

05 Apr 2019

AMPLEXOR has won the 2019 Valo Marketing Master of the Year, recognizing the most influential marketing initiatives promoting Valo ready-to-go intranets. The awards ceremony took place during Valo Summit in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on April 3rd.

AMPLEXOR celebrates technology-led excellence

04 Apr 2019

AMPLEXOR prides itself on using award-winning technologies to build our services and support our customers' digital transformation journeys. As a best-in-class content and language solutions company, continuously searching for improvement is what our global teams do every day.

The great regulatory catch-up

02 Apr 2019

Medical device manufacturers have a lot to learn from the pharmaceutical sector which, for well over a decade, has been subject to the sorts of rigorous electronic reporting standards soon to be faced by device producers. In this article, drawing on pharma’s experiences, AMPLEXOR’s David Gwyn distils some best practices for medical device companies.

Luxembourg LPCC Meet up: How is digitization changing business?

22 Mar 2019

A journey through the evolution of workplace over time and how the rise of technologies like AI (artificial intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things), cloud computing, big data and automation is transforming our lifestyles and the way organizations operate.

Compliance Complexity in the Data Management Landscape

19 Mar 2019

With regulatory compliance growing, we should expect to see data management transformation rising. However, this is not the case. Instead, we see companies throwing good money after bad money as they opt to invest in digitizing a process or updating an existing IT system. While, encouragingly, in 2019 organisations now appear to recognize the need for a more holistic approach, Life Sciences companies will need to focus attention on developing a vision for delivering this and mapping it to a hard strategy.