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The Life Sciences industry is in a constant state of motion. Organizations need to be flexible to adapt to ever-changing market pressures and compliance requirements.

The pursuit of global markets is becoming increasingly complex: globalization of processes, worldwide quality, operational excellence and shortened time to market are all vital to success.

To provide high-quality, safe, and efficient products that help millions of people worldwide, it is imperative for you to secure the best in-class solutions tailored for life sciences-related challenges.

With a unique track record of over 30 years within the Life Sciences industry, we fully comprehend the challenging universe in which you operate. Our technology and service solutions are geared towards content-focused processes and are designed to meet the demands of global organizations: it is all about regulation, validation, and compliance to local and cultural requirements.

Amplexor offers a complete ecosystem of solutions and services that support the development, production, localization, and international marketing of medicinal products and medical devices, all in full compliance with the regulatory demands of the EMA (European Medicines Agency), the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and other national authorities worldwide.

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