Translation & Localization 

9 out of 10 buyers choose content in their native language when available.

Are you rushing here, there and everywhere to gather all the pieces of your global content programs? The effort involved in getting internal and external communications localized and ready to launch can make you feel like you’re running a race on a merry-go-round.

The good news? We’re here to help you create meaningful connections with your audiences by speaking their languages and delivering your intended messaging to their local markets.

“Amplexor has been a trusted service provider for more than a decade. They are extremely service-oriented.”

Neil Hershberg, Senior VP, Global Media at Business Wire

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All languages. All content needs. All translation services. All in one place. 

For over three decades, we’ve been trusted partners of many world-leading organizations from all kinds of industries.

Because we have the expertise to handle all content types under one roof, many enterprises with multiple divisions have chosen us for all their end-to-end, multilingual content needs. Plus, we’re able to scale as their localization requirements increase in volume and complexity.

Whether it’s industry-specific terminology, knowledge of different business domains, content format versatility or a bit of everything - we can make it all possible, in over 500 language combinations.

Why Amplexor? 

Globalization expertise where, when and how you need it

Any language for any culture
We expertly translate and localize content in over 500 language combinations.

+30 years of global content expertise
Steady presence as top 10 world leader in CSA Research, Slator and Nimdzi reports 

Business domain know-how
Including R&D, product management, marketing, HR, legal, and more

Industry-specific terminology
The right terminology and translation approach for any industry

Smart translation management technology
Order, review, monitor and report on your globalization projects

Excellent quality standards
We believe our comprehensive quality assurance methodology makes the difference

Let us bring simplicity to your global expansion 

Every day, we localize all kinds of materials as part of our everything-you-need translation services. With our wide variety of flexible language solutions, you’ll never have to stress - we can help you with:

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