Regulatory Analytics

Regulatory Analytics focuses on the regulatory domain, consisting of a preconfigured set of standard dashboards and reports addressing common regulatory tracking, reporting and analytical needs: RIMAnalytics™, ProductAnalytics™, SubmissionAnalytics™, LabelAnalytics™.


Data Visualization

Reports and Dashboards seamlessly embedded, presenting data as needed and where needed

Accessible insights

Fast and easy access to data, information and insights

Self-service analytics

Create custom or personalized reports using easy to use report editor


Dashboards and reports with interactive filtering, data exploration and direct record access.

Centralized Information

Single source of truth for compliance and business performance

Enterprise Data Source

Pull regulatory data to enterprise BI systems

Regulatory Analytics Features


  • Advanced KPIs and reports supported by types of charts
  • Intuitive navigation along hierarchical data paths and charts
  • Flexible data exploration and analysis
  • Ready-to-use filters, sorts and parameters across multiple visualizations


  • Predefined set of business relevant templates 
  • Interactive components
  • Flexible pagination
  • Crosstabs and hierarchical structures 
  • Embedded charts
  • Export to PDF and MS Excel formats

Self-Service Analytics

  • Custom reports & visualizations 
  • Faster business insights 
  • Information security – restricting information access to specific users
  • Collaboration features, to share reports with other users
  • Personalized reports in any format

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