Labeling Management

LabelExpert™ addresses the end to end labeling change process and activities such as the assessment, revision, approval, tracking and implementation of labeling changes.



Standard labeling management processes

Reduce Risk

Minimize the risks of regulatory non-compliance

Work Efficiently

Reduce rework and facilitate labeling reporting

Maximize Productivity

Minimize efforts and increase productivity

End-to-end Management

Manage, reuse and control labeling data and documents throughout their lifecycle

Full Labeling Control

Oversight and control labeling changes and their implementation

LabelExpert™ Features

  • Labeling Process Management: support of local and global labeling processes, change management and compliance tracking
  • Label Content Management: support of local and global/core labels/product information, including translations
  • Automated notifications and powerful search capabilities
  • Workflow automation (process triggers, cross-references and data exchange) with other processes and departments (i.e. Regulatory, Safety, and Manufacturing)
  • Deviation and dependency management
  • Interactive dashboards for actionable labeling changes overview

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