Process Automation

Discover a faster way to digitize and automate business processes while keeping technology costs under control

Digital technology is changing the competitive landscape faster than ever. Standardized business processes no longer meet rising customer expectations regarding digital touchpoints and real-time responsiveness.

The good news? Amplexor is here to help you discover the agile way to adapt to today’s collaborative, dynamic and information-intensive workflows. Combining advanced tools for content integration, business process management, productivity and collaboration, we help your organization to replace traditional workflows by an adaptive approach for each instance.

Our a digital end-to-end approach empowers teams to be more responsive, providing better services to customers while also increasing overall efficiency, assuring compliance and lowering costs.

Low-code Case Management with OpenText AppWorks

Find out how to re-engineer and adapt your systems and processes around customer needs. A single platform, all based on low-code configuration.

Success Story

The journey from paper-centric processes to 100% digital case resolution


Document Automation in AppWorks

Learn how SmartDocuments templates simplify case metadata in AppWorks.



Low-code development

Drag-and-drop modeling and pre-built components to accelerate the development of applications designed for the way people really work.

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Process intelligence

Provide visibility into operational status enable smarter automation with reports, dashboards and data exploration capabilities.

Underwriting & account management

Increase the speed of loan or insurance processing and approval to boost revenue and customer satisfaction.

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Legal case management

Keep your team in sync to handle all case deadlines efficiently, organize client records, schedules and appointments, and keep track of billable time.

Social case management

Free staff from routine administration to tackle citizen-facing tasks, reduce paperwork time, lower the case appeal rate and reduce case fraud.

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Financial auditing

Manage the complete audit lifecycle - from simplified audit planning, checklists and field data collection, to reporting status and results in real-time.

Point-of-sales management

Give your customers a differentiated in-store experience with efficient back-office operations, from inventory management to employee scheduling.

HR case management

Prepare, manage and store board, department or team meeting documentation. Distribute the agenda to participants, track action items, organize and archive relevant outputs and preserve confidentiality of sensitive information.

Permit management

Ensure ongoing, up-to-date permit compliance by managing and reporting on all permits and their data, from required activities to renewal dates.

Digital mailroom

Accelerate customer response by ensuring all incoming and outgoing correspondence is delivered instantly to the intended recipients - process or systems.

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Amplexor partners with the world’s leading ECM & BPM platforms, to build a powerful, customized foundation for your organization’s case management applications.

With strengths for managing process-centric document flows, AppWorks lets us quickly create processes, adjust them to the customer needs and provide tight integrations to Documentum and OpenText Content Server. Download our brochure to learn more.

Documentum is a document management powerhouse: robust, scalable and feature-rich, valuable in large-scale deployments.

An open source platform that uniquely combines advanced document collaboration with process execution.


Nintex’s process automation platform makes it possible to deliver integrated, mission-critical process automation at scale and quickly roll out light weight departmental workflows across the business.

3 things we learned during our OpenText AppWorks Hackathon

Explore the OpenText Appworks superpowers we unleashed during our one-day international hackathon


Access customer insight in real time

Improve collaboration and the quality of business decisions to provide exceptional customer service.

Personalize employee experience

Customized screens, favorite cases and documents, personal reminders and other case-related features.

Accelerate document production

Single-click document generation and automated workflows that eliminate repetitive and non-value-adding tasks.

Drive productivity gains

Faster follow-up, faster handling times and cross- or up-selling where relevant without increasing headcount.

Improve visibility and control

Real-time reports and audit trails of activities to track operational status, optimize resources and increase compliance.

Increase customer satisfaction

Adapt processes to individual circumstances while meeting service quality level agreements and consistency.

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