The World of Modern Intranets returns with its 2nd edition

05 December 2019

The 2nd edition of The World of Modern Intranets surpassed last year’s success, attracting more than thirty business leaders to find out what’s new in Microsoft Teams  and Valo intranets. 

Hosted by Amplexor on November 29, this time at Microsoft Luxembourg, the morning’s agenda focused on the unique digital workplace experience Teams has to offer. With a deep dive into the hub for teamwork across the organization, participants got to take home the tools they need to build a collaboration empire.

Inspired by the location’s ambience, Christian Knitterscheidt, Microsoft Team Lead at Amplexor, welcomed attendees by taking them on a journey through the collaborative experience in Teams. The modern workplace is changing, and today 80% of working time is already spent collaborating. As Christian put it, “Technology is available, the challenge is to use it well! As it’s more accessible than ever, it’s up to us to adapt and change the way we work.” Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork, transforming workplace collaboration, streamlining business workflows, all whilst securing your company information.

Gokan Ozcifci, Microsoft MVP & RD and Sales Executive & Product Evangelist at Valo, started with a few exciting announcements from Ignite 2019. The audience got a sneak peek through the new features that will be rolled out in the coming months, such as channel options, multi-window capabilities, customized dashboards for task management and the new integration between Outlook and Teams. Gokan then presented the audience with valuable insights on how to master Microsoft Teams and make the most of the Office 365 ecosystem. Following the engaging presentation, Gokan and Christian showed a preview demo of the Autumn 2019 edition from Valo intranets in-a-box.

Tom Laureys, Solution Manager ECM at Amplexor, took the opportunity to introduce the new Teams add-on that solves the challenges around MS Teams governance. Amplexor TeamHub helps users find what they need, when they need it, and makes their Teams workspace cleaner, more organized and thus, more productive. For IT and Office 365 administrators, TeamHub makes managing the Teams envinroment more efficient, while helping to ensure user adoption enterprise-wide. Fully integrated in the Teams interface, TeamHub is an easy-to-navigate feature for all user profiles.

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