The European Core Health Indicators (ECHI) Factsheet

07 September 2016

The European Core Health Indicators (ECHI) Factsheet

September 7, 2016

The European Core Health Indicators (ECHI) are the result of cooperation between the EU Member States and the European Commission, financed by the EU Health Programmes. Three ECHI projects (1998-2001, 2001-2004 and 2005-2008) have established the ECHI in order to create a comparable health information and knowledge system for monitoring health at EU level.

European Community Health Indicators Monitoring (ECHIM) has developed and implemented health indicators and health monitoring in the EU Member States. In May 2013 the ECHI were renamed European Core Health Indicators by the Expert Group on Health Information (EGHI).

What are the European Core Health Inidicators?

The European Core Health Indicators (ECHI) give a broad picture of the state of health and health care in the European Union. They provide references for EU Member States and other European countries. All ECHI indicators are reasonably comparable and regularly updated. They are broken down by gender, age group or socio-economic status when relevant. The ECHI are well defined and cover all aspects of health. They provide documentation sheets and recommendation for calculation. 

The ECHI indicators are grouped:

  • under five main chapters
    • Demographic and social-economic situation
    • Health status
    • Health determinants
    • Health services
    • Health promotion
  • and under five policy areas
    • Health services and health care
    • Ageing and population
    • Health determinants
    • Diseases and mental health
    • Health in all policies

See overview of ECHI relevance by policy areas on the ECHI poster.

How are the ECHI used?

An evaluation of ECHI was prepared on behalf of DG SANTE in 2013 to assess the extent to which the ECHIs have been used. It also provides indications on how to reach a high level of consensus on the use of the ECHI in the participating countries. See evaluation, executive summary and full report.

Where are the ECHI or other european health indicators available?

In order to find more information about ECHI, browse the list of indicators and access data and metadata via the ECHI Data Tool, on DG SANTE ECHI web page. Some examples of what is available in the data tool – line chart, bar chart, map chart, table chart with possibility to export image or file:

The ECHI Data Tool was upgraded in November 2015. The main improvement is the possibility to select more than one indicator in order to compare for example an indicator for total population, men and women. Contact DG Health and Food Safety if you have questions on the ECHI or other health indicators:

Source: European Comission