Impressions from NNIT's 2016 IDMP Vendor Day

29 November 2016

Impressions from NNIT's 2016 IDMP Vendor Day

November 29, 2016

Amplexor was invited to be a part of NNIT´s Vendor Day on IDMP. On 24 November, 23 pharmaceutical companies and a wide range of pre-selected RIM vendors met in Copenhagen to discuss IDMP challenges and showcase their solutions. The purpose of the meeting was to enable vendors to engage with companies running IDMP projects that are approaching vendor selection, by showing what they have to offer and how they can be beneficial. 

Open and honest dialogue among participants was equally driven by frustration, passion and visions for IDMP in general. The lack of firm commitment from the EMA still weighs heavily on IDMP projects across the industry and clear communication is expected by the EMA soon to ensure project traction. Software providers are equally left in-limbo due to lacking implementation guidelines supporting the finalization of their respective solutions. However, the day successfully showed that providers are dedicated to deliver high quality software solutions to accommodate IDMP compliance and potentially support additional enterprise initiatives (e.g. MDM).

Amplexor Life Sciences presented its ProductExpert, the 1st ISO IDMP compliant solution available on the market, which will enable organisations to meet IDMP related requirements when they become mandatory. 

ProductExpert is part of the unique and innovative Integral by Design, Modular by Implementation™ Amplexor Life Sciences Suite and is fully and easily configurable.

After the demo and the presentation, many potential customers came to our booth surprised with our innovative and advanced solution, aiming to know more and how they could benefit from it. This was another successful event for Amplexor Life Sciences.

Thank you NNIT for this great initiative.