Luxembourg LPCC Meet up: How is digitization changing business?

22 March 2019

Amplexor co-hosted the February Meet Up of the Luxembourg-Poland Chamber of Commerce (LPCC). Themed around ‘How digitization is changing business’, the networking event was held last 28 February, at the creative co-working space - The Office.

Our speakers at the event, Anne Lux, and Kevin De Wilde, engaged the audience with an interactive presentation on how the rise of technologies like AI (artificial intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things), cloud computing, big data and automation is transforming our lifestyles and the way organizations operate.

Anne started by taking attendees on a journey through the evolution of workplace over time. Starting from the 80s, when business communications were documented in hard copies through to the present, modern day workplaces – where every day, new tools and technologies emerge.  Digitization is already accelerating business processes and making collaboration easier, but it’s also influencing customer expectations and the way they engage with brands. Kevin picked up on this trend to detail the challenges evolving customer demands pose for companies who wish to remain competitive in this digital age. He highlighted how customers are no longer satisfied just with quality products and good services but expect personalization in every interaction.

To illustrate how Amplexor is helping to digitally transform organizations worldwide, our experts presented two success stories. For Business Wire, we implemented an efficient and secure platform to ensure high-quality multilingual press-releases distribution, 24/7, 365. And in the financial sector, we’ve been supporting KBC on their mission to become an award-winning reference in digital banking and one of the best performing retail-focused institutions in Europe.

In the end, there was still time for Q&A, where Anne and Kevin got to answer the audience’s questions such as how to connect technology with business processes, or successful strategies to adopt digital ways of working in their specific industry. Through real-world examples, participants had the opportunity to explore how intelligent digital solutions are helping global organizations like theirs to maximize operational efficiencies and scale across markets. 

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