euroscript becomes Amplexor

09 December 2015

Euroscript becomes Amplexor

December 9, 2015

euroscript International announced today the rebranding of its entire service offering under the name of Amplexor. Thanks to organic growth and its acquisitions of Amplexor NV, INFOTEHNA and ForeignExchange Translations, the company has evolved from a language services and content management provider into a leading digital solutions provider. The new name enables the company to better position its diversified and extended service offering as part of its long-term growth strategy.

One team with one objective

Over the years, euroscript has become much more than a language services and content management provider. The acquisition of Amplexor NV in Belgium in January 2014 enabled the company to develop and strengthen its expertise in digital experience management, bringing the latest technologies and best practices regarding web content management systems and digital marketing strategy. On the other hand, acquiring and integrating INFOTEHNA’s solutions in May 2014 marked a major step forward in the field of regulatory compliance and content and process management. euroscript moved further ahead this year with the acquisition of ForeignExchange Translations, a language service expert in the medical devices and pharmaceutical markets with a strong global client base.

Today it aims to be recognized as a Digital Solution Provider delivering Global Compliance, Digital Experience & Content solutions, under the name of Amplexor. In order to support this ambition, Amplexor is positioning itself as a global provider of Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) and is further strengthening its image as a global team with a single objective ─ which should materialize into one single brand.

Reaching the €150 million milestone

Mark Evenepoel, CEO of the new Amplexor: “We feel this is the right time for a rebranding. Recent developments have made us reflect on our new capabilities, our brand, and our communication. That is why we decided we need to communicate who we really are: a global team with an outstanding knowledge of software technology, content and document management solutions specific to industry and business processes. Integrating these companies into one Global Brand Strategy will help us compete with our key competitors across all markets. In the future, we aim to reinforce our presence in Asia and South America and reach the €150 million milestone.”

In 2014, euroscript International reached a turnover of €110 million. The turnover for this year is approaching €125 million: 45% is generated from language services, 29% from content & document management and 26% from professional services. Amplexor employs 1.700 people across 4 continents.

Embracing the future’

Amplexor, a name that already existed within euroscript’s brand portfolio, is derived from the Latin word for the verb “embrace”, and reflects the company’s vision and approach. Mark Evenepoel: “We ‘embrace’ our clients and our partners, helping them to successfully accomplish their digital strategy. As our new tagline ‘embrace the future’ indicates, we think ahead and we guide our clients towards the future.”