Amplexor Belgium – 15 years of pure content management

16 February 2016

Amplexor Belgium – 15 years of pure content management

February 16, 2016

Amplexor’s Belgium branch is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. A short history of 15 years of pure content management and commitment to our customers.

On 16 February 2001, Amplexor Belgium was founded in Leuven. As the world wide web was growing in popularity and accessibility, companies were spending more time and budget on their online presence. The founders of Amplexor Belgium noticed a growing need for fast, user-friendly web content management systems. Creating and managing a web page at that time was a long process – updating pricing information on a website could take days, if not weeks.

Amplexor Belgium’s response to this need was “pure content management”. By offering content management services and showing expertise in multilingual WCM platforms, we were able to evangelize the principles of web content management. During the first five years, we introduced web content management systems to customers such as Puratos, GBL, Daikin Europe, Rabobank and AGFA, and added document management solutions to our portfolio.



In 15 years time, Amplexor Belgium has grown from a company in a small home office in Leuven to a leading player in content management with two offices in Belgium and about 90 employees.

In 2014, Amplexor Belgium became part of the international group known as euroscript. In December 2015, this new group of companies rebranded globally to Amplexor and changed its tagline fittingly to “embrace the future”.

Our team is very proud of Amplexor Belgium’s 15 years of pure content management. We invite you to see what the future brings with us.