Women in Localization Ireland

07 March 2018

Women in Localization is the leading professional organization with a mission to foster a global community for the advancement of women in the localization industry. Started in the San Francisco Bay Area, Women in Localization is a global organization with chapters throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Women in Localization shares best practices in the industry through its network of localization professionals leading some of the largest localization organizations on both the client and vendor sides of the industry.

Through its events, for which speakers are hand-selected based on their knowledge and skills, Women in Localization promotes the latest innovations in the localization space. The organization also strives to support women in the localization industry at every stage of life so they can surmount any challenges they face in the workplace.

Women in Localization fosters a community that supports women through mentorship, education, social events and advocacy for gender equality. Through their events and professional networking programs, women interested in joining the industry or advancing their careers can find jobs and network with the largest professional organization for women in the localization industry.

Women in Localization enables women to:

  • Be innovative by learning the latest best practices in the industry
  • Find and network with other professionals in their industry
  • Connect and showcase the best they have to offer to the people who matter

This event’s keynote speaker will be localization specialist, Yuka Ghesquière Nakasone, who will present “Localization Strategies in the Age of Digital Transformation”. Her presentation will showcase how retail intelligence company, Beabloo, brings digital marketing technology and solutions to retailers large and small and how it helps transform conventional physical stores into connected stores with 360-degree visibility of visitors’ activities, behaviors and preferences.

After experiencing this presentation attendees will understand:

  • What digital transformation means in the retail space and what globalization and localization teams need to be aware of in such a fast-paced, high-tech business environment
  • What kind of digitalization and automation tools are available and what factors to assess when choosing them
  • How to streamline their process and, most importantly, how to approach other departments in a way that creates collaborative environments

As a leader in the translation and localization sector, Amplexor supports organizations like Women in Localization to encourage and foster the advancement of women in our industry.

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