11 April 2018

The theme for this year’s conference is:
“Dynamic Quality Framework (DQF)”
DQF is a comprehensive set of tools, best practices, metrics, reports and data
to help the industry set benchmarking standards.

TAUS QE Summit 2018 welcomes technologists, gurus, bosses, and most of all, users and translators to talk about their experiences, ideas and plans around dynamicalso decentralized quality evaluation and management. 

Quality is considered dynamic as translation quality requirements change depending on the content type, purpose and audience. DQF lies at the source of a dynamic approach to quality in translation. Introducing DQF organization-wide and throughout supply chains as a protocol for quality evaluation presents an opportunity to decentralize quality evaluation.


At TAUS QE Summit 2018 you will learn about:

  • The pros and cons of top-down, bottom-up and hybrid models of quality review processes
  • How to break through the walls of inspectors and inspections, engage with users and create dashboards based on data and actionable customer feedback
  • How the neural technology trend is changing our lives and jobs
  • The experiences of others in the industry when implementing the invisible data-driven translation work flow – Modern Translation Pipeline

While at TAUS QE Summit, plan to attend Amplexor’s presentation:
User experience or language focus – which is more important as you evaluate quality?
Presented by our Vice President of Sales, Gráinne Maycock

During this session, Gráinne will lead an insightful and interactive discussion on determining if your translations are meeting your quality standards and delivering the quality and user experience your end users and customers expect. Clients often get lost in the back and forth dialog between translation and review because quality evaluation scores are not easily understood or leveraged.

In her discussion Gráinne will examine:

  • The present and future trend of moving from language-focused quality evaluations to user-centric audits, while still gaining actionable feedback to improve published content
  • The challenges marketing teams experience with receiving translated content that is on-brand
  • The challenges translation and localization teams face while managing an actionable quality program
  • How to keep the user front and center
  • How to select content for an audit the customer is familiar with vs. content sourced from out-of-context tools and materials
  • How to create a constructive dialog between localization teams, translation teams and internal company stakeholders - all while delighting the end customer

Lastly, Gráinne will review live dashboards and tools that are available to help you manage ongoing stakeholder and translation-vendor dialogs that focus on driving continuous improvement and user delight. After experiencing this presentation, you will have a better understanding of the right approach to measuring and managing your translation quality.

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