The Future of Sales in the Language Industry

27 May 2019

Just like the language industry is changing so are the ways in which organizations connect with their prospects and customers. As consumers’ expectations and behaviors evolve, sales strategies embed emerging trends, giving rise to new techniques such as account-base sales, social selling or even trend analytics and AI-driven sales.

Next May 27, Amplexor joins Women in Localization at Ahoy! Berlin to sponsor an exciting roundtable around the latest sales trends and their impact on the profession.

Sales strategy and industry veteran Jessica Rathke will guide the audience through an open conversation about what it takes to be successful in language sales today. Focusing on the challenges and opportunities that arise for sales in this digital and fast-paced world - especially for women, we’ll deep-dive in today’s profile of a good, efficient sales manager.

If you cannot join us at Ahoy! Berlin we will be happy to welcome you remotely via videoconference! 


6:30 PM – Entry, Drinks and Snacks
7:00 PM – Welcome
7:15 PM – Talk by Jessica Rathke
7:45 PM – Discussion
8:15 PM – Networking, Drinks and Snacks / End of broadcasting
9:30 PM – Closure


Jessica Rathke is a sales strategist, consultant and trainer for the language services industry with over 29 years of sales, management and marketing experience. Having trained and coached translation sales professionals in over 43 countries, Jessica’s services are designed to help LSPs increase revenue and profitability. More about Jessica


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(and remotely via videoconference)