In Focus Economic Conference Series: Development and Competitiveness

27 September 2018

The In Focus Economic Conference Series is an interactive program where you can network with industry experts and learn first-hand about the Hungarian government's economic goals and plans.

Each conference provides the opportunity for dialogue between key representatives of the government and relevant industry sectors. All while television broadcasting opens up even more professional discussion from new, exciting perspectives.

The “Development and Competitiveness” installment of the series focuses on how technologies are transforming the world faster than ever. To survive in global markets, companies need to adapt quickly during the digital shift, attract and retain skilled employees and understand how to respond to the latest customer demands.

The changing macroeconomic environment and the uncertainty surrounding the global economy can create challenges for executives. This segment provides a platform for economic decision-makers to discuss tools to overcome these challenges and improve competitiveness. 


The conference will focus on the following areas of importance for companies, both within Hungary and those looking to expand their global presence there:

The Hungarian economy - What economic challenges exist in-country and globally? How do exchange and interest rates help international competitiveness? How can small and medium-sized enterprises take advantage of opportunities while protecting against risks? 

Digitalization - Where does Hungary stand in the digital transition? Which sectors are moving forward, and which are not? How do smart factories work?

The Hungarian labor market – What makes a competitive employee, what skills do they have and what skills do they still need? What are machines taking away from human employees? Retention of workers is vital, but how do you accomplish it?

Recent global economic changes – How have consumer profiles and behaviors changed in the last five years? Where does a sharing economy thrive?  What growth potential lies in e-commerce? 

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