Amplexor Webinar Tuesdays - Website localization with globally binding and locally independent content

28 June 2016

Centrally controlled websites save on costs and unify the global brand identity. Country-specific content, however, is critical for addressing regional target groups.

This webinar presents solutions that support both approaches. On the one hand, the translation tasks of the globally-bound sites can be automated. On the other, an extensive localization concept can also support local independent content.

The talk is supplemented with a technical presentation on Amplexor Content Connector using Adobe Experience Manager as an example. This component supports the integration of different systems into the translation management of Amplexor for the automation of translation tasks.

This webinar is presented in German.

The speaker

Jörg Drescher focuses on the introduction and integration of web content management and translation management systems.  With16 years of experience working in software development, professional service, presales and international projects, he’s working as a Senior Consultant and ECM Business Analyst responsible for identifying customer requirements and lead customer project implementations.

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