Amplexor Webinar: Getting the Most out of Your Translation Budget

22 November 2017

Watch our free webinar and gain valuable insights on how to create efficient, consistent and affordable multilingual content.

Watch Amplexor’s webinar, Getting the Most out of Your Translation Budget, and discover how the latest translation technology can help you cut costs, improve quality and increase productivity when creating multilingual content.

Multilingual content is no longer exclusive to multinational companies, and the global market requires businesses to speak to target audiences in their native languages. As the demand for translated content increases, chances are your organization’s localization needs are outgrowing your translation budget.

This 40-minute webinar, hosted in English and Polish, will cover topics from all-in-one translation management portals to computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools and will provide insights and tips to help you reduce time-to-market, adhere to tight budgets and increase the consistency and quality of your multilingual content.

This webinar will explain how to

  • Select the right target languages for your content
  • Standardize company terminology and brand style to facilitate and accelerate translations
  • Reduce translation request volumes while still ensuring high-quality translation results
  • Efficiently reuse previous translations with precision to reduce translation rates from your language service provider


Amplexor’s speaker, Aga Cieplowska, Regional Delivery Director CEE, will provide the latest industry updates on:

  • Translation memory and terminology databases
  • Translation editors and management systems
  • Translation technology productivity
  • Alignment and term extraction tools
  • Quality assurance and verification checks

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Getting the Most out of Your Translation Budget (English Session)

Getting the Most out of Your Translation Budget (Polish Session)

Meet the speaker

Aga Cieplowska, Regional Delivery Director CEE, Amplexor

Aga has 13+ years of experience in the localization industry and specializes in multilingual content across a diverse range of countries, markets, industries and cultures. Aga joined Amplexor in 2011 and is extremely familiar with the challenges of the localization process and technologies. By sharing her practical insights, she helps customers minimize costs while increasing quality.