AMPLEXOR представляет платформу бизнес-аналитики на SAP NOW 2019 года

10 Apr 2019

Компания AMPLEXOR приняла участие в ежегодном мероприятии SAP NOW в Лиссабоне (Португалия), чтобы продемонстрировать, как платформа бизнес-аналитики становится ключом к улучшению работы и услуг, предоставляемых клиентам.

Компания AMPLEXOR побеждает в номинации «Мастер маркетинга Valo — 2019»

05 Apr 2019

AMPLEXOR стала победителем в номинации «Мастер маркетинга Valo —2019» и получила признание в сфере оказывающих значительное влияние маркетинговых инициатив, продвигающих готовые к использованию интрасети Valo. Церемония награждения состоялась 3 апреля на саммите Valo в Амстердаме (Нидерланды).

AMPLEXOR отмечает признание своего технологического превосходства

04 Apr 2019

Мы гордимся тем, что для создания сервисов по поддержке клиентов в деле цифровых преобразований компания AMPLEXOR применяет удостоенные наград технологии. Будучи лучшей в своем классе компанией по разработке контента и языковых решений, мы постоянно стремимся к улучшениям. Именно этим ежедневно занимаются наши глобальные команды.

The great regulatory catch-up

02 Apr 2019

Medical device manufacturers have a lot to learn from the pharmaceutical sector which, for well over a decade, has been subject to the sorts of rigorous electronic reporting standards soon to be faced by device producers. In this article, drawing on pharma’s experiences, AMPLEXOR’s David Gwyn distils some best practices for medical device companies.

Luxembourg LPCC Meet up: How is digitization changing business?

22 Mar 2019

A journey through the evolution of workplace over time and how the rise of technologies like AI (artificial intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things), cloud computing, big data and automation is transforming our lifestyles and the way organizations operate.

Compliance Complexity in the Data Management Landscape

19 Mar 2019

With regulatory compliance growing, we should expect to see data management transformation rising. However, this is not the case. Instead, we see companies throwing good money after bad money as they opt to invest in digitizing a process or updating an existing IT system. While, encouragingly, in 2019 organisations now appear to recognize the need for a more holistic approach, Life Sciences companies will need to focus attention on developing a vision for delivering this and mapping it to a hard strategy.


25 APRIL 2019 | Leuven, Belgium

OpenText DigiGov 2019

Next 25 April, AMPLEXOR will host the OpenText DigiGov 2019 session in Leuven, Belgium. Together with OpenText, we will dive into real case scenarios of how public organizations are taking advantage of DigiGov technologies to fuel citizen services innovation, while seamlessly managing behind-the-scenes workflows and integrations.

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25 APRIL 2019 | Mechelen, Belgium

Vonk Congress 2019

Vonk Congress returns for a full-day conference exploring intranet trends and disruptive approaches to internal communication. As sponsor, AMPLEXOR showcases how next-generation intranets offer a new world of premium employee experiences and modern collaboration.

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25 APRIL 2019 | Leuven, Belgium

AEM Developer Meetup Belgium

Join the upcoming AEM Developer Meetup Belgium co-hosted by AMPLEXOR in the university town of Leuven, Belgium. Meet other Adobe developers, explore the latest technology updates and get inspired with real-world Adobe project stories!

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7 MAY 2019 | Online

Augmented Reality: What’s in it for your business?

Curious about the AR possibilities in your own business context and how this new technology can upturn your revenue? Join our webinar next 7 May and find out what’s in it for your business.

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Dynamic case management transforms public services

A dynamic case management solution based on Documentum helped this governmental organization evolve to an agile way of working. Cases are now 100% digitally handled for faster resolution and high-quality, personalized public services.


Redefining Process to Optimize Translation - Case Study

Download this case study to discover how partnering with AMPLEXOR Life Sciences transformed the translation process for one leading supplier of class III medical devices. With an optimized translations process, our customer was able to drastically reduce their overall time and cost of translations.


Digital transformation in the public sector boosts entrepreneurship and innovation - Case Study

Download this case study to discover how partnering with AMPLEXOR transformed the way the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KVK) services citizens and businesses. With faster, more accessible public services, KVK created a hassle-free environment for business and entrepreneurship in The Netherlands.


Centralized Translation Management - Case Study

Download this case study to learn how this customer drove down project costs and turnaround times.



Translation and Back Translation for Pharmaceutical Companies

An expanding global pharmaceutical market requires drug companies to translate printed material into various languages that can be understood by end users. Translation is viewed as an art rather than a science‒ a subjective process.

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The ten intranet commandments

Download your free copy of the ten intranet commandments ebook to get your intranet strategy on the right path to spark employee engagement, strengthen corporate culture and empower real-time collaboration.

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The ultimate intranet checklist

Download your free copy of the ultimate intranet checklist to discover all you should consider when planning the best intranet solution for your organization. Our essentials will get you on an easy-to-follow path to a successful intranet, from must-have features to user adoption strategies.

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Download “10 Questions To Ask Your Life Sciences Translation Vendor” - White Paper by AMPLEXOR

Download for free and learn more about asking the right questions, industry-wide quality and how to confidently select a vendor.

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