AMPLEXOR once again wins translation contract with European Commission’s DG CONNECT

31 Jan 2019

AMPLEXOR has won their recent bid for a translation contract with the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT).

Марк Эвенпул назначен управляющим директором медиа-группы Saarbrücker

04 Jan 2019

Марк Эвенпул, генеральный директор AMPLEXOR, назначен управляющим директором медиа-группы Saarbrücker Zeitung, крупного акционера AMPLEXOR.

Amplifying the Patient Voice and the Role of Linguistic Validation

13 Dec 2018

Patients should have greater (and earlier) input in the drug and medical device lifecycle. AMPLEXOR’s Dana Weiss explains why linguistic validation is a critical element of this process, in her most recent article for Medical Technology

Портал фламандского правительства получает награды e-Gov (электронное правительство) 2018 года

09 Dec 2018

Проект AMPLEXOR для Департамента экономики, науки и инноваций фламандского правительства (EWI) получил награды e-Gov 2018 года. Информационное пространство исследований Фландрии (FRIS), созданное на платформе Drupal 8, названо лучшим проектом, а также отмечено в категории «Открытые данные».

AMPLEXOR Named 2018 Top-100 Company by EContent

05 Dec 2018

AMPLEXOR is honored to be named a 2018 Top-100 Company by EContent magazine.

Where is regulatory information management headed next?

27 Nov 2018

Life sciences firms are under growing pressure to raise the quality and consistency of their regulatory data. AMPLEXOR’s VP of strategy for life sciences Romuald Braun asks how this influencing the way organizations manage it - and what will be their best bet for exploiting the transformation for the benefit of their own businesses?


20 - 21 FEBRUARY 2019 |

Pharma Packaging and Labeling East Coast

This Annual Pharma Packaging and Labeling East Coast event aims to create an environment where commercial packaging and labeling teams work together to successfully manage both creative and regulatory demands while safeguarding products and protecting patients.

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26 FEBRUARY 2019 | Online

Regulatory Information Management (RIM): Delivering Better Efficiencies Across Operations - Automating Multiple Systems and Streamlining Compliance Reporting

In this webinar, Frits will provide you with valuable insights on where he believes the industry is going and offer recommendation on how you should get started - all based on best practices and real-life experiences.

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12 - 14 MARCH 2019 | Vienna, Austria

OpenText Enterprise World Vienna 2019

AMPLEXOR joins OpenText's Enterprise World Vienna, the world’s largest information management conference.

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Dynamic case management transforms public services

A dynamic case management solution based on Documentum helped this governmental organization evolve to an agile way of working. Cases are now 100% digitally handled for faster resolution and high-quality, personalized public services.


Redefining Process to Optimize Translation - Case Study

Download this case study to discover how partnering with AMPLEXOR Life Sciences transformed the translation process for one leading supplier of class III medical devices. With an optimized translations process, our customer was able to drastically reduce their overall time and cost of translations.


Digital transformation in the public sector boosts entrepreneurship and innovation - Case Study

Download this case study to discover how partnering with AMPLEXOR transformed the way the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KVK) services citizens and businesses. With faster, more accessible public services, KVK created a hassle-free environment for business and entrepreneurship in The Netherlands.


Centralized Translation Management - Case Study

Download this case study to learn how this customer drove down project costs and turnaround times.



Translation and Back Translation for Pharmaceutical Companies

An expanding global pharmaceutical market requires drug companies to translate printed material into various languages that can be understood by end users. Translation is viewed as an art rather than a science‒ a subjective process.

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The ten intranet commandments

Download your free copy of the ten intranet commandments ebook to get your intranet strategy on the right path to spark employee engagement, strengthen corporate culture and empower real-time collaboration.

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The ultimate intranet checklist

Download your free copy of the ultimate intranet checklist to discover all you should consider when planning the best intranet solution for your organization. Our essentials will get you on an easy-to-follow path to a successful intranet, from must-have features to user adoption strategies.

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Download “10 Questions To Ask Your Life Sciences Translation Vendor” - White Paper by AMPLEXOR

Download for free and learn more about asking the right questions, industry-wide quality and how to confidently select a vendor.

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