AMPLEXOR estimates 54 million words are translated each year for the European Commission's DG Growth

February 15, 2017

AMPLEXOR estimates that 54 million words are translated each year and half a billion words have been translated over the course of the past two contracts renewed with the Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG Growth) of the European Commission via the Technical Regulation Information System (TRIS) project, aimed at preventing technical barriers to trade. For AMPLEXOR, this represents a turnover of EUR 36 million over four years, i.e. EUR 9 million each year.

The translations cover 506 linguistic combinations and include all sectors (automotive, logistics, pharmaceutical, IT, etc.) and local legislation commented on by the European Commission and the affected countries. Each country has its field of specialty. In Luxembourg, for example, AMPLEXOR provides translations into English, Italian, Greek, Dutch and Maltese.

"It's the third time that we've been awarded this contract. AMPLEXOR has worked with DG Growth since 2008. The contract was renewed in 2012. AMPLEXOR is one of the leading experts in the language services field at global level ", according to Wilhelm Geisler, Managing Director of AMPLEXOR in Luxembourg.

The TRIS project is based on Directive (EU) 2015/1535, which establishes a procedure obliging Member States of the European Union to notify the Commission of any draft technical regulations relating to products and information society services before they are transposed into national law. The texts are then translated into all European languages.

AMPLEXOR estimates 54 million words are translated each year for the European Commission

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