Parcerias AMPLEXOR Digital Experience

Estabelecemos parcerias com os principais líderes do mercado digital para assegurar o acesso dos nossos clientes à melhor tecnologia. A nossa forte experiência na criação de plataformas digitais, juntamente com uma visão mais abrangente dos objetivos e das prioridades da sua empresa, permite-nos identificar a melhor plataforma digital para o seu negócio, completamente adequada às suas necessidades e orçamento.


New website brings to life future-oriented government strategy

Download this free case study to learn how the new digital platform based on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) revitalized the Province's digital communications while projecting an innovative image of the region.


An award-winning digital platform to collect and display cultural heritage information

Discover why the online heritage platform developed by AMPLEXOR won the most prestigious European award in the field by integrating innovation with creativity.


A centralized portal to maximize user engagement and improve Daikin's brand image

Download this free case study to learn how Daikin's new platform based on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) revitalized the brand's image and communication.


An interactive, fully accessible website for Handicap International's Making it Work

Drupal 8 was the chosen platform to plan and design the new MIW website, including full accessibility, multilingual support and enhanced user experience.



The ten intranet commandments

Download your free copy of the ten intranet commandments ebook to get your intranet strategy on the right path. We cover the essential rules to spark employee engagement and promote real-time collaboration.

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The ultimate intranet checklist

Download your free copy of the ultimate intranet checklist to discover all you should consider when planning the best intranet solution for your organization. Our essentials will get you on an easy-to-follow path to a successful intranet, from must-have features to user adoption strategies.

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Quality and Compliance: A Guide to Better Websites – White Paper provided by SDL

This white paper by SDL looks at where and how content quality and compliance can be managed within an organization.

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Digital marketing guide for a successful holiday season

Download our free digital marketing guide to learn how to make the most of the holiday season, whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, drive sales, or strengthen the connection with your customers. Don't miss out on the potential holiday goldmine!

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