Third Business Breakfast affirms need for AR and VR technologies for winning results

04 October 2017

Third Business Breakfast affirms need for AR and VR technologies for winning results

October 4, 2017

Amplexor hosted its third Business Breakfast with RE'FLEKT around Augmented and Virtual Reality on 28 September, at the dizzy heights of Sturmfreie Bude in Dusseldorf.

The morning presented an exclusive group of Technical Documentation and marketing experts with the opportunity to discuss the new set of dynamic possibilities brought by the new AR and VR applications. The attendees witnessed how these new technologies are shaping the future of B2B and B2C sectors across business domains, such as complex machinery maintenance and repair, product testing, cost-efficient employee training, product branding, customer service and ecommerce, among others.

Jannik Hol from RE'FLEKT, AR/VR technology market leader, demonstrated why this technology is regarded as one of the most effective approach to marketing, with well-known projects such as the virtual Audi showroom and the 360-degree view of Cologne Cathedral for WDR, which recently garnered the Grimme Online Award.

Furthermore, discussions were focused on user experience and engagement in addition to the technological marvels of AR and VR. Julia Merz, Technical Documentation Consultant at Amplexor and leading service provider for content and integration, showed how customer documentation is adapted and made available for new interactive formats and the key success factors for successful implementation of Augmented and Virtual Reality projects based on Technical Documentation content.

This series of events has procreated rising interests and productive insights through ZurichStuttgart and now Dusseldorf. Concluding that, incorporating AR and VR systems is of prime importance in today’s tech savvy era and for cultivating and nurturing win-win business relationships.

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