GDPR: We are ready... what about you?

25 May 2018

GDPR: We are ready... What about you?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has finally come into effect on the 25th of May, having a major impact on European privacy law. As leaders in content management and compliance we, at Amplexor, have been busy preparing its arrival for the past two years.

Over this transition period we helped our clients to understand the impact of the GDPR on their businesses and identify potential opportunities. We planned and implemented privacy by design strategies and supported organizations across industries with their data management and information governance policies.

While transparency and accountability are – and have always been - at the core of what we do, the new European law was also an opportunity to review our own processes, policies and systems. We ensured our clients, partners and user communities were up-to-date regarding their rights and we also guaranteed that they always have the final say over its use, access and correction.

One thing we are sure of, the rules of transparency and the new “consent experience” will have a strong impact on how companies approach their European markets. It’s time to invest on customer-centric strategies and valuable content to build trust and to develop closer relationships.

If you are still finding yourself a little bit lost in the new regulation and struggling with a compliance strategy across your business information management or digital marketing activities, it might be time to ask for additional support. With a professional analysis to your current context you can easily understand which areas will need immediate intervention and get a short-term action plan for the most crucial ones. We encourage you to explore our solution portfolio and discover our GDPR set of tools and services: from consulting through system integration to business process management. Although there’s no fast lane or out-of-the-box solutions to GDPR, finding the right partner might be everything you need to lead your business to compliance.  

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