Amplexor renews contract with European Union’s Publication Office

08 March 2019

The European Union’s Publication Office has once again selected Amplexor as their preferred partner to ensure timely and high-quality creation and distribution of EU legal acts.

Every year, Amplexor processes over 3 million pages of documentation as part of their contracts with various European Union (EU) departments such as the DG Communications Networks, the European Parliament Translation Centre and Court of Justice, the European Free Trade Association and the European Publication and Patent Offices. Documentation includes, but is not limited to, the Official Journal of the EU and European legislation.

In January 2019, Amplexor started production within the renewed contract for the technical consolidation of legal acts with the EU’s Publications Office which is responsible for issuing and distributing EU publications across all media and channels. The Publications Office has a duty to present the highest quality of service to the originating departments of the institutions, various divisions of the EU and its people. The Office must also always be at the forefront of the publishing profession with regards to new technologies.

To maintain that status, the Publications Office relies on Amplexor for technical consolidation of legal acts for the European Union. Within this contract, Amplexor ensures the incorporation of all act’s modifications (amendments, corrigenda, etc.) into a single document, without altering the legality of the content. The acts are then distributed through EUR-Lex website, available for public access as PDF or HTML files. 

Amplexor’s contracts with the EU require unfailing reliability, strict confidentiality and professional development at the highest level. Our expertise is backed by an advanced, in-house production system designed for daily processing of large volumes of multilingual documents that are time critical and quality driven. These assets are what make partnering with us so appealing to our rapidly growing EU and global customer base.

This is already our second milestone win with EU institutions this year. In January, the European Commission's DG CONNECT
reaffirmed Amplexor as their preferred translation provider for over a decade, with the fourth contract renewal in a row.

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