Amplexor Drupal Consultants speak at DrupalCamp Antwerp

13 September 2017

Amplexor Drupal Consultants speak at DrupalCamp Antwerp

September 13, 2017

Amplexor's Drupal Consultants Jan Lemmens and Jochen Verdeyen‏ were selected by DrupalCamp’s organization to speak at this year’s edition of the conference, which took place on 8 and 9 September at the Karel de Grote Hogeschool’s campus.

Drupal has great out-of-the-box multisite capabilities. This is great if you want to host multiple websites on the same codebase. But what if you want to share configuration across multiple websites? This was the motto that drove Jan’s session, titled Sharing and overriding configuration in a Drupal 8 multisite.

During this session attendees had the opportunity to learn how to implement a Drupal 8 multisite setup and how to use the same configuration for multiple websites. This technique can greatly simplify the technical management and maintenance of the website and help to roll out new features quickly across multiple sites.

Jochen’s session focused on Enhancing author experience by using the Geysir module to declutter Drupal’s backend. Geysir is a free open source Drupal module developed by Amplexor that aims to advance the work of marketers and content authors by enabling website building and editing straight from the front-end.

DrupalCamp is a yearly 2-day conference in Flanders brimming with Drupal-related presentations and showcases. This event aims to bring Drupal users, enthusiasts, developers and frontend developers from all kinds of backgrounds into one arena to share the latest developments, experiences and ideas.

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Jan Lemmens

Jochen Verdeyen

Jan Lemmens and Jochen Verdeyen are DXM and ECM Consultants at Amplexor, specialized in Drupal. As enthusiasts for platform-independent design and open source technology, they focus in architecting and building innovative, cost-effective and user-friendly solutions for Enterprise customers. Jan and Jochen have been responsible for several successful Drupal CMS projects.

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