Tips & tricks for Adobe Experience Manager

13 May 2020 | 2:00 PM CET / 8:00 AM EDT

Catch the best tips from our Adobe-certified Business Practitioners and become an AEM Pro

Adobe Experience Manager is broadly recognized the enterprise level CMS, when it comes to delivering relevant and compelling experiences to prospects and customers. But as such, there are many moving pieces and technologies involved and it’s easy to miss on how to get their full potential.

As we’re all aware, a poor authoring experience can bring down your content quality and cause your website to fall short of what your visitors expect or are looking for. If you’re looking to brush up on your AEM skills, you’re in the right place!

Join our online workshop next 13 May and discover some of the best hidden gems in this powerful CMS that will make you an AEM Pro. We’ll cover it all - from small to big features which you may or may not know, but that will surely help you save time and make you AEM-life easier and more productive.

Whether you’re a web content strategist or a digital marketer, you don't want to skip this one - so save your (virtual) spot today!

Why attend?

In this session, our Adobe-certified experts will guide you from small to more complex hidden gems, so you can master AEM like a real Pro. You’ll discover:

  • AEM keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate through the AEM interface 
  • What’s new in the AEM Touch UI
  • How to create your own Content API without the need of code
  • What are experience fragments and how they make content reuse a breeze 
  • How to use the time warp feature to look at prior page versions
  • Governance tips to better manage your AEM components and digital assets
  • Generating instant click activity maps
  • ...and more!

Meet the Speakers

Damien Dewitte

Damien Dewitte is VP Solution Manager for Digital Experience at Amplexor. For the past 20 years, Damien has been helping clients across industries and geographies to break technical barriers and excel in their digital initiatives. He has been responsible for the introduction of document management systems, enterprise collaboration projects and numerous Digital Experience Management successful consulting projects. Leading a team of digital enthusiasts, he believes unique businesses deserve unique strategies and is responsible for driving innovation and creating customized approaches for digital experience and content management projects.

Ruben Thys

Ruben Thys is Senior Director Strategic Accounts at Amplexor based in Belgium. With over 10 years of experience working in digital consulting for large enterprises (financial services, industry and government), he has acquired deep knowledge of multiple web content management platforms, specializing in customer experience strategy and digital ecosystems integration, e.g. ERP, PIM, CMMS, CRM, etc.


Tips & tricks for Adobe Experience Manager

13 May 2020 | 2:00 PM CET / 8:00 AM EDT

Make sure to tune in next 13 May to find out how to take full advantage of the features available in AEM, directly from the experts!

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