TAUS Global Content Conference & Exhibits 2019

27 June 2019

Global Content is the focus of a new series of TAUS events held around the world in close collaboration with TAUS members. The Global Content Summits offer all the popular TAUS themes in the concise format of a one day conference. These themes range from the quantum leaps we make in machine translation and machine learning to the design of modern translation pipelines that are invisible, autonomous and data-driven. 

We talk about robotization and how content itself is becoming intelligent. See Themes and Call for Proposals. Objectives The TAUS Global Content Summits aim to: Expand the reach of the TAUS think tank and give a much greater audience access to the ideas and the TAUS community through these ‘regional’ events. Promote the ideas around automation and innovation in global intelligent content delivery. Educate professionals and practitioners active in the localization and global marketing sectors. Connect people and bring buyers and providers together in a neutral non-selling environment. Audience The TAUS Global Content Summits are designed to be small intimate conferences with a maximum of 80 attendees. The format is very interactive with rooms set up in cabaret style. The audience consists of roughly 40% buyers, 40% service providers, 10% technology providers and the remaining seats divided among consultants, press and academics. We are primarily reaching out to TAUS members in the regions where the Summits are being organized, but of course, also welcome people who’d like to travel in from further distances.