Patient Centricity and the Value of Transformation

12 December 2019

Transformation is not change,  and change is not transformation. Change is possible anytime – it allows a fallback to the original status. Transformation is a fundamental shift that cannot be avoided, and the pharmaceutical industry is perceived as a late adopter in digital disruption.

So why it is reasonable to think and talk about this?

Digital disruption does not mean adding some Web 2.0 and Mobile flavor to existing systems and processes. Digital disruption enables new business models where modern technology is a key enabler and will not stop before traditional roles, established processes, and the way how data is generated, collected, managed, and shared.

Guest presenter, Alexander Tryba from MAIN 5, will share his ideas and thoughts underlined by a real-life business case from a Patient Support Program initiative, where technology-enabled a fundamentally new approach of patient support and interaction. Amplexor’s Ian Crone will continue the conversation about the value of transformation and how it applies to holistic RIM advancements.

About the Presenter


As Managing Director and Partner at MAIN 5, Tryba is responsible for the commercial expansion and development of MAIN5. For selected customers and topics, he acts as a consultant on issues of digitization, quality, and compliance. While under the brand, ALTRA Consulting, Tryba advised leading pharmaceutical companies and when required, took on corporate management responsibilities as an interim manager. Until 2006, he served as Managing Director and Partner for the “neeb & partner” consulting firm.

Tryba’s organizational focus was on the digitization of business processes, multisystem information management, and adherence to compliance requirements within the enterprise. He successfully bid for a variety of business-critical projects with leading medium-sized and large (DAX-listed) companies, ensuring effective guidance and successful outcomes in cooperation with his team.  As Quality Management Representative (QMR), he was responsible at neeb and partner for projects, including the introduction and development of an ISO 9001-certified quality management system within the business.