Machine Translation: Get Ready for Revolutions in Translation

30 May 2018

A successful translation strategy means appropriately balancing three key program pillars: cost, quality and turnaround time. You want to ensure high quality final content, efficient translation project turnaround times, all at an economical cost. Machine translation is one way to achieve these results when managing and translating your content.

Machine translation (MT) is increasingly being used today’s rapidly evolving, digital world of communication. MT plays a role in the translation of a wide range of content – from equipment instructions you hold in your hand, to content on digital platforms, such as Facebook, eCommerce websites, blogs and more. By quickly translating subject matter from all over the world in an automated fashion, MT can fuel your ability to understand a wider range of information.

That said, people have varying opinions on MT. Some consider it a threat to the translation industry and to high-quality translation. Others see it as an opportunity to make translation more affordable and accessible. It all depends on your perspective.

But what exactly is MT and what’s the recipe for using it successfully?  

Our webinar, Machine Translation: Get Ready for Revolutions in Translation will provide answers to these questions. Presented in both English and German, this 40-minute session will discuss:

  • How the fully automatic transfer of text between natural languages works
  • How quality improvements and breakthroughs for MT have been obtained
  • What’s behind statistical, linguistic and neural technologies
  • How MT and related technologies might change our lives

This webinar will help you explore what MT can do for your business in areas such as customer communication, service and support, internal communication and documentation and knowledge management.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn all you need to know about Machine Translation in today’s fast-paced, digital world. Register for your preferred session today!


Karina Martinez Ferber, Solution Architect, Global Content Suite at Amplexor

Karina is Solution Architect for the cloud-based globalization platform Global Content Suite at Amplexor. She is based in Berlin, Germany. After many years in different management positions in the Language Business, Karina has been focusing on process management and language technologies since 2011. During her time as Director Processes and Technology LS for the euroscript Group (now Amplexor), she led the company’s strategic developments in the area of language technology and workflow management, delivering to the market the first versions of Global Content Suite.