Kick-off Event SparX VR/AR meets Portfolio

24 July 2019


SparX Labs, together with experts from Telepool, Capgemini and Amplexor, is getting together to talk about challenges and solutions in using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). The sessions will unveil some of the latest trends and practices on how to transform product and brand communications through AR and VR technologies, creating exciting and unforgettable experiences.

Amplexor will be represented by Marc Haarmeier who will moderate the Mixed-Reality session as a “lab coach”. The field of immersive technologies – virtual, augmented and mixed reality – will be addressed to explore how attractive entertainment and infotainment experiences can add value to product content in presentations.

This event will be followed by three workshops and will culminate with a final event on October 24 where all the ideas and conclusions will be summed up.


Capgemini Office, AIE

Capgemini Office Munich Applied Innovation Exchange

Olof-Palme-Straße 14, 81829 Munich





17:00 Welcome
Maren Courage, Founder VR Business Club and Sandra Ficht, Vice President & Head of Digital Banking at Capgemini

17:15 Introduction
Dr. Ing. Reinhard Schultze, Lawyer and Head of VR at Telepool

17:45 Challenges and Lab Coaches, presentation

18:30 Break for Snacks & Drinks

19:00 Theme Focus for the following Workshops, Q & A

19:45 Legal (SKW Schwarz), Scheduling


Would you like to find out more about virtual reality?

Follow this link to read Mark Haarmeier´s blog post



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