Amplexor Front-End Workshop

22 November 2018

Tired of your mundane school routine? We have just the thing to jazz up your agenda! On 22 November we’re gathering IT students, PC gamers and LAN party enthusiasts under one roof (that’s our office!) to level up on front-end basics and raid into new adventures. With an open beer & pizza bar, loot and XP are on us, so there are no pre-requisites other than to bring your own laptop and an inquisitive mind! 


16:00  Front-end workshop
We’ll mix the basics of front-end development with a real world application to unravel the essential technologies that compose it. We’ll welcome you to the world of React and CSS animations, how they fit together, as well as the role of the front-end developer in the wider digital team.

18:00  Pizza & beer
We know no army can fight on an empty stomach, so we’ll have an open bar ready to power up your stamina while you get your game on for your next mission.

19:00  Counter-Strike LAN party
Enjoy the 'LAN experience' of playing with team mates and opponents right next to you! Rescue hostages, plant bombs and defeat your rivals with an audience watching your every move! Don’t worry, we will provide all the tools you need!


Gaston Geenslaan 10, building B3
Heverlee - Leuven

A unique collaborative space that inspires teamwork and creativity, just a 20-minute bike ride away from Leuven station.