Friday Webinar Series 

Dialing into Digital Strategy

10 April - 1 May 2020

30-minutes weekly sessions every Friday, at 11:00 EDT / 17:00 CET

Learn all the tips and tricks to stay up to speed in our ever-evolving digital world including how to leverage digital transformation, content and international SEO to resonate with global audiences.

Around the world, companies are being forced to find creative ways to continue doing business digitally. Now more than ever we can see just how crucial digital transformation and global content strategies are to ensure market visibility and sustained growth.

However, making your content stand out from the crowd is harder than ever.

If your digital content targets several markets and needs to reach audiences with different languages, cultures and preferences, it gets even more difficult.

We have four webinars in this series to tackle topics surrounding digital and content strategies. From ensuring your organization is utilizing digital technologies to support content and customer lifecycles, to adapting content and SEO for international visibility and engagement, this series will provide valuable insight to support your global (digital) content goals.

Join just one or all four of our Friday Webinar Series – Dialing into Digital Strategy and learn from the experts everything you need to know about leveraging digital transformation, international SEO and global content to reach and resonate with your global audiences.

Why Attend?

In this series you’ll get to explore:

  • How to embrace digital transformation in your business
  • Leveraging your digital content strategy to drive business
  • Best practices for your International SEO strategy
  • Tips to structure your website for global success
  • How to make content resonate in new markets
  • How to be relevant in different languages and cultures


Check out our agenda for Dialing into Digital Strategy

  • 10 April
    Digital Transformation: The Need for Content is Now
    Join Global Revenue expert, Allison McDougall, and discover how to embrace digital transformation and leverage your digital content strategy to drive business.
  • 24 April
    Content in Action: How to Resonate Globally
    Global content expert, Sharon Austin, explores how to adapt messages to the local market so that your content resonates and your customers can connect and engage with your brand.
  • 17 April
    International SEO: The Secret to Conquer Global Audiences
    SEO expert, Svetlana Stankovic, uncovers how a well-designed International SEO strategy can help grow your online visibility and scale up your business for international success.
  • 1 May
    Interview with an Expert: Anna Schlegel
    Join our guest speaker, award-winning author and globalization expert, Anna Schlegel, as we discuss her experience leading Fortune 500 global product operations and strategy. We will go into detail about what it takes to be successful during times of global rapid growth, business revitalization and transformation in this interview-style webinar.


Dialing into Digital Strategy

10 April - 1 May 2020

30-minutes weekly sessions every Friday, at 11:00 EDT / 17:00 CET

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Meet the Speakers

Allison McDougall

Allison McDougall is Senior Vice President of Global Growth at Amplexor, based in Westminster, Colorado, United States. With more than 20 years of Sales Leadership, she has worked for well-known global content providers and Fortune 500 companies. She is passionate about helping clients achieve global growth, while bringing out the best in her teams and molding future leaders. Allison also plays an important role in Women in Localization, being a member of the board, having previously served as Global President.

Svetlana Stankovic

Svetlana Stankovic is a digital marketing leader, lecturer and strategist with an entrepreneurial mindset. Specializing in strategic marketing, large and enterprise websites and technical SEO, Svetlana has been helping global brands to grow their business online for the past 14 years. In 2018, she was named one of the top women in SEO to follow on Twitter by Econsultancy, and is also a renowned SEO blogger.

Sharon Austin

Sharon Austin is Director of Marketing Solutions at Amplexor, based in River Falls, Wisconsin, US. She has more than 18 years’ experience in the language service industry across marketing and operations roles. Her passion is in creating and implementing solutions for different international companies in various multilingual disciplines from multilingual SEO, transcreation, digital marketing and language review services.

Anna Schlegel

Anna Schlegel is Vice President of the Global Portfolio-to-Market Lifecycle organization at NetApp. In her role, she oversees a variety of teams, including: Enterprise Globalization, Information Engineering, Portfolio to Market, and Product Portfolio Solutions. Anna has worked in the tech industry in the Silicon Valley for over 20 years, leading teams at Cisco, VMWare, Xerox, and Verisign.

Anna serves as the Global Executive Sponsor of NetApp’s Women in Technology organization, where she focuses on developing female leaders in the tech industry. She is also the co-founder of Women in Localization, the leading professional organization for women in the Localization industry with over 5000 members worldwide.

Anna speaks 6 languages, is a native of Catalunya, and lives with her family in Santa Clara, California, US.