DIA Europe 2018

17 April 2018

DIA Europe 2018, celebrates 30 years of the previously titled DIA EuroMeeting.

DIA Europe 2018 is unique in presenting the entire health care value chain ranging from policy and regulations to R&D, marketing and access. During an intense and stimulating three days, you will learn, debate and grow. You will gain new perspectives from people you may already know, but also from contacts with whom you will want to learn more.


  • Topic A: Can Regulators and HTA Bodies Create Synergies for Patient Access?
  • Topic B: What are Necessary Steps towards Outcome-Driven Health Systems?
  • Topic C: Medicines of the Future: What Will Innovation Need and Bring?
  • Topic D: How Can Better Outcomes Be Enabled by Big Data?
  • Topic E: What is the Future of Pharmacovigilance?
  • Topic F: What Can Stakeholders Expects from Clinical Trial (Development), Transparency and Medical Information?
  • Topic G: A New Era for Medical Devices and Diagnostics. How Is The Impact?
  • Topic H: Drug Development and Regulatory Approval - Reference Points around the Globe or Globalisation?
  • Topic I: How Can We Enable Clinical Research in Europe Further?


Congress Center Basel
Messeplatz 21
4058 Basel