BeeCon 2016 Brussels – Dive deep into Alfresco

27 April 2016

Amplexor is proud to be a sponsor of the 2016 BeeCon conference.

The event supports Alfresco professionals and enthusiasts who come to BeeCon to sharpen their technical skills and collaborate with other experts. Organized by the Order of the Bee, an independent organization of the Alfresco community, BeeCon puts learning first and leaves the marketing out.

Whether you are a developer, information professional, student, or Alfresco employee, BeeCon is the place to dive deep into Alfresco and develop the relationships you will need to be successful in the coming year.

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Expert session

Multiple Share-based applications on the same back-end Alfresco repository: pitfalls and best practices

Hans De Bal (Alfresco Consultant at Amplexor) will present an expert session at BeeCon covering the pitfalls and best practices in multiple Share-based applications on the same back-end Alfresco repository.

Organizations often wish to use Alfresco as the back-end repository for a number of diverse business applications. However straightforward this requirement is, the technical implementation is often a challenge since these applications all require specific front-end customizations. When deploying multiple customized Share front-end for these business applications, some aspects such as workflows, dashboards, etc. cannot be easily separated.

One option is building your front-end applications from scratch, but that ignores the wealth of functionality that is available in Share out-of-the-box. Moreover, some organizations already use Share as a front-end and would like to keep a consistent experience for their users.

In this talk we will share our experience on using multiple customized Share instances as business application front-end on the same Alfresco repository.


The event is hosted by CIRB-CIBG.

Avenue du Port 86C
1000 Brussels