An ever-more global approach thanks to centralisation of web content management

10 December 2014

In this webinar you will follow a live demo with the WCMS Drupal.

An ever-more global approach thanks to centralisation of web content management

December 10, 2014

Multilingual online content is key to opening up global markets

Managing the process is hardly ever as efficient as it should be, what with ever-increasing volumes and subject matter in a constant state of flux.

Foreign branches usually manage online content in the language of the country where they are based. Even so, they are still unable to manage the large volumes of content handled on a daily basis within the necessary timeframes. This is why more and more companies are opting for web content centralisation. In this way, websites are kept up to date and companies maintain their corporate image.

In spite of all this, "central marketing departments often don't know what they're getting themselves into. Without an integrated system to manage the whole process, administration often becomes too much of a burden, which inevitably has an impact on quality", says Marc Haarmeier, Managing Director of euroscript Systems GmbH.

As a rule, multilingual web content management systems only support manual translation within the system or the entry of translations done by external providers. Handling up-to-the-minute translations on a daily basis in several languages and all from a central location relies on integrating all systems used throughout the process.

You will learn the following by following a live demo with the WCMS Drupal

·        The way our X-Connect Integration allows the marketing department to centrally select and order content to be translated in the web content management system - practically at the push of a button.

·        How content is extracted automatically from the content management system and fed back into the web content management system following translation and review in the translation management system.


Dr Monika Höge has worked for 25 years with processes relating to content creation, localisation and publication. She has worked on numerous intricate projects and will give us an insight into web content management during the seminar.

Jörg Drescher works for euroscript as an ECM Business Analyst and Senior Consultant. His area of expertise is the implementation of enterprise content and translation management systems, as well as providing consultation in the field. During the session, he will give us a thorough overview of how to integrate both of these systems.