Amplexor Webinars - Drupal 8: What’s in it for digital experience management?

29 November 2016

Attend our free webinars and see how Drupal 8 can help you to deliver better digital experiences to your customers.

After the huge success of our Drupal 8 webinar last May, we’re pleased to announce two brand-new editions, with the latest insights into the popular open source content management system for digital marketers and content professionals.

Join our digital experts Françoise Basset and Jörg Drescher on a journey through the great advantages of Drupal 8 for your organization’s digital experience management and the impact of the arrival of Drupal 8 on your existing Drupal website.

Over a 40-minutes session, that will be hosted in both German and French, these webinars will give you the main insights on the platform features for marketing integration, the mobile-first approach and what can you expect for multilingual websites.

Sign up today to find out how Drupal 8 can make your life easier:

  • Integrate your marketing tools with the Drupal 8 platform without hassle
  • Make content editing a breeze with features such as inline editing and an advanced content preview
  • Reach your customers on their mobile devices with mobile-first built website pages
  • Use your CMS in any language you want – no additional development required

If you are already a Drupal user or just curious about one of the most widely used content management systems worldwide, take this opportunity to update your knowledge, share you experiences or even clarify some doubts.

Meet the speakers

Jörg Drescher focuses on the introduction and integration of
web content management and translation management

With 16 years of experience working in software development, professional service, presales and international projects, he’s working as a Senior Consultant and ECM Business Analyst, specializing in Drupal, responsible for identifying customer requirements and lead customer project implementations.

Françoise Basset has over 20 years of experience in ECM from editorial IT to digital experience management, through document management and collaborative systems. As Business Consultant specializing in Drupal and in Digital Marketing, she assists organizations to improve their customer experience, value and personalize their content, and deploy localized and multilingual websites. She leads clients towards the best way to reach the goal and provide with high-value solutions to address their business challenges.

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