Amplexor Webinar Tuesdays - Digital Marketing Experience 2017: is the next revolution in-house?

19 July 2016

How will new technology such as smart glasses, smart watches, wearables, etc. affect the Digital Experience Management of the future in B2B and B2C? How can companies use the new tools for their experience management and is there already a practical example? The final webinar in the series provides an exciting outlook.

This webinar will be presented in German.

The speaker

René Reinli has 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur and Senior Executive in Internet and e-business. His focus lies in the strategical planning and development of company, product and service portfolios and customer and partner relations with international teams, particularly in the area of new businesses. As an adviser and passionate campaigner for the digital transformation, his passion is also rooted in mountaineering, endurance sports and running ultra-marathons.

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