Table Talk Dublin - The ROI of Localization

27 February 2020

How can enterprises predict their potential return on investment (ROI) from adding languages? Far too many companies rely on anecdotal data, rough measures based on GDP and the number of people who speak languages, or even less precise guides such as executive gut feel.

Shifting to data helps set up realistic expectations and goals that can be tracked and measured. 

Check the evening's agenda and save your seat to join Alison Toon, senior analyst at CSA Research, in our Table Talk roundtable discussion to discuss how to build a full-featured ROI case that reflects the realities of specific companies. 

Based on CSA Research’s in-depth examination of 135 languages used in 207 countries and territories, combined with data on income distribution, multilingualism, and other factors, the presentation shows how to predict revenue from languages and use it to create ROI predictions that respond to corporate KPIs and strategies.

Alison will also discuss the Global Revenue Forecaster™ service, a new offering from CSA Research that automates many of the calculations needed to make revenue forecasts.

Amplexor’s Grainne Maycock will conclude the discussion with insights on how to connect business metrics with overall spend in global content as organizations like yours consider digital content solutions.

17:30 Registration and networking drinks
18:00 Welcome introduction
18:20 CSA Research presentation - The ROI of localization
19:00 Q&A
19:30 Networking drinks and hors d'oeuvres
20:30 Closing remarks


Alison Toon, Senior Analyst, CSA Research
Alison is a senior analyst at independent market research firm CSA Research. Ms. Toon has more than 25 years of experience in the translation and localization industry, with an emphasis in management of translation and localization tools, processes, architecture and operation for content management, and ebusiness services across enterprises. Prior to joining CSA Research, she led Hewlett-Packard's (HP’s) globalization program, a transformational initiative across all of HP’s business units, products, and customer lifecycle. Ms. Toon developed and managed the enterprise translation management architecture team, strategy, and technology, and was responsible for the tools, operation and business processes that managed all translations for HP.

Event Moderator

Gráinne Maycock, Vice President, Sales - Amplexor

Gráinne Maycock is a recognized thought leader in the localization industry. She has spent the last 20 years helping multinational organizations, start-ups and scale-ups solve their language, content and business challenges on their path to global growth and international market expansion and success.

She has built and managed sales teams across Europe and North America, spent time coaching sales and operations teams and implemented sales methodologies to help provide transparency and predictability in pipeline and revenue growth. In her current role of Vice President, Sales, Gráinne drives sales strategy and growth from planning to execution as part of the global Amplexor organization.