Annual International Congress IDMP & Regulatory Excellence

12 September 2016

Overcoming Silo Structures in Regulatory Affairs - Reshaping Data Processing with IDMP - Transferring Business Excellence into Daily e-Submission Practice


Be IDMP & RIM Ready!

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Conference Objectives

  • Presenting the IDMP roadmap in order to meet all legal requirements & e-submission standards
  • Integrating IDMP projects into a RIM excellence architecture in order to optimize the data workflow regulatory affairs and other departments
  • Building a life cycle regulatory data management including central and local data maintenance processes
  • Setting a centralized metadata pool with an integrated quality framework and appropriate access of various user groups
  • Learning how operational excellence tools & methods can be used in order to make e-submission smarter
  • Eyecatcher: Including IDMP & RIM Ready


Ameron Hotel Abion Spreebogen Waterside Berlin

Alt-Moabit 99

Berlin, 10559