Safe, efficient and compliant asset operations

Plant Information Suite - PlantOperationsExpert
AMPLEXOR PlantOperationExpert supports multiple plant operating activities providing secure access to asset documents and data. As a web-based platform, PlantOperationExpert allows critical information to be accessible from corporate offices or remote site locations, according to the needs of the various operation activities (production, maintenance or inspection).
Owner-operators can electronically extract structured data and bulk load technical documents and drawings into their repository. Documents of all types are automatically indexed for optimized searching and easy display.

AMPLEXOR PlantOperationExpert is built on OPIDIS Operation module of Idox France, which is based on OpenText's Documentum certified technology.



  • Intuitive and customized web-based portal
  • Access to up to date documents and data
  • Centralized repository for all types of documents and formats
  • Embedded optimized viewer for consultation, printing, and annotation
  • Additional features for drawings: zoom, rotate, black background
  • Advanced search capabilities (graphic navigation portal, tags, references, attributes, keywords)
  • Secure storage of documents accessible through business applications (APIs)
  • Access within the portal to the plant information system (EAM/CMMA, ERP, 3D model, etc.)
  • Dedicated module for automated integration and indexation of new releases of applicable documents in the end-user interface, including link resolution


  • Reduce overall operating costs
  • Ensure compliance with business rules and regulatory requirements
  • Reduce downtime failure and preventive maintenance
  • Avoid penalties and litigation
  • Improve safety
  • Capitalize on the knowledge of the plant/site


The main objective of the setup is the integration and indexation of existing applicable documents, notably drawings and PID, with link resolution between tag numbers and documents.

The dedicated “Document Integration Workshop” module allows an automated and smooth integration and indexation of legacy documents.

The initial integration is usually performed by AMPLEXOR consultants as follows:

  • Analysis of specification numbering and CAD charter
  • Configuration of tags and collection of hyperlinks
  • Configuration of the entry navigation pages
  • Building of a global Technical Document Register
  • Bulk integration and indexation 

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