Support and reporting for work actions and operations

Plant Information Suite - PlantMobilityExpert
AMPLEXOR PlantMobilityExpert provides easy-to-use, pre-filled forms, for work reports, orders, task lists and more, reducing action times and improving on-site supervision. On a simple app, available on tablets, operations teams are able to provide fast and complete information on local actions.


  • Easy form with check box options for quicker reports
  • Handwritten text, photos and annotations on existing documents
  • Reports data in a neutral format (XML) for import to other applications, such as CMS, EAM and ERP
  • Automatic reports in PDF, Word, etc.


  • Reduce feedback periods and action time
  • Reduce administrative procedures
  • Improve the quality of reporting
  • Improve site supervision
  • Help to guide operators and team leaders

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