Plant Information Suite

Ensuring a secure, compliant and efficient industrial infrastructure

AMPLEXOR Plant Information Suite supports the management of documents and data through all phases of the industrial plant's lifecycle, contributing to its safety, compliance and efficiency. 

Plant Information Suite

Thanks to a unique approach combining Document Management services and Content Management Systems (CMS) integration, AMPLEXOR provides a global solution that is adjustable to your business context, from planning constrains to legacy import.

This solution includes the standard CMS features, and allows you to manage all the documentation - not only technical information, but also administrative, contractual, and internal documents.

- Consultation on document architecture and definition of processes
- Digitalization, process setup and training
- Document control on any CMS (existing or implemented by AMPLEXOR)
- Assistance for delivery of final "as-built" documentation
- Translation of technical documentation

- Consultation on integration design, deployment and support, according to your situation and requirement level (for compliance, security, etc.)
- Local and light CMS
- Integration with other applications (CMMA, ERP, nomad apps, 3D models, BIM)
- Comprehensive web solution with advanced modules, such as technical review and automated reporting (based on the OPIDIS Idox module)


powered by Idox*

Accessible through a secure online interface, AMPLEXOR Plant Information Suite improves the collaboration between engineering, management, and contractors. This integrated solution helps to easily prove the accuracy, traceability, and integrity of related documentation, better preparing plant owners or managers for compliance reviews or audits.

Managing and monitoring project related documents through the Design, Construction, Renew and Decommission phases [+]

Document management during Operation and Maintenance phases [+]

Independent web application for checking approved documents during Handover and Operation and Maintenance phases [+]

Easy forms for work Inspections, Commissioning, Decommissioning and Reports [+]

- Installation, configuration and training
- Legacy data import
- Document management services and support
- Support, maintenance and hosting

* AMPLEXOR Plant Information Suite advanced modules are built on OPIDIS modules of Idox France, which are based on OpenText's Documentum certified technology.

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