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This end-to-end document solving solution enables your public or private organization faced with ever-growing volumes of regulated content to benefit from controlled creation, update, publishing, and management of structured content, and thus ensure compliance.

In many industries, paper is key. Activity revolves around paper. It is a work tool, the final output, a means for all transactions, and sometimes even the only acceptable format as a tangible proof as it stands. Sustaining compliance frequently leads to the generation of huge volumes of content, especially when it comes to public institutions, official organizations, and governmental bodies which create notices, pamphlets, tracts, notes, decrees, and other regulated documentation.

Your public or private organization needs to comply with local and international laws, and you need to prove that all measures have been taken to achieve and sustain compliance, and that all publications are managed according to mandatory ─ often legal ─ frameworks and deadlines.

The complete document solving platform

Publish your official journals and publications on time with the help of this advanced platform, which enables paper-prone organizations to adopt an XML-based content repository and single-source publishing approach.

Designed specifically to respond to organizations faced with ever-growing volumes of regulated content, this solution enables industries to benefit from an end-to-end platform enabling controlled creation, updating, publishing and management of structured content to ensure compliance. The Official Publications solution also helps automate all workflows and processes and visualize and reference any data in real-time.

With powerful search capabilities, this solution makes the most out of document IDs and file versions. It uses metadata, search data, and tracking and auditing data to accurately index content so it is easily searchable.

In addition, customers can also monitor the status of their documents. They can filter their list of documents according to specific requirements and get information related to the production status, active tasks still open, and file histories.

Easy-to-use online customer portal
Take advantage of collaborative work components (blogs, forums, wiki pages) and a customizable interface enriched with social features. Define user roles and permissions according to your organization’s specific needs. Allocate tasks, establish workflows, and designate and monitor processes by following, controlling, and reviewing the content production status in real time.

Powerful transformation capabilities
Leverage capable XML converting and editing tools to capture and transform all types of documents.


Real-time data access by powerful search capabilities
By using metadata, search data, as well as tracking and auditing data, all content is accurately indexed and searchable. Log in at any step of the document production to access information and follow the status and the evolution of the document. Control and review all content, and decide on the publications formats.

High degree of automation, standardized content processes
Leverage flexible workflows together with an accurate set of rules to help speed up and standardize processes. Define your processes and workflows to support and automate the execution of manual tasks and control costs, while maintaining and even improving quality within the organization. Implement technical standards and establish effective standardization.

Ensured security and traceability
This traceable production system provides information integrity and security and enables your organization to establish transparent content management processes which can be easily monitored and audited whenever necessary. Processes are executed in accordance with predefined regulations which force the correction of all errors prior to moving on to the next task.

Quality and conformity
The entire process is based on well-defined quality assurance procedures. The well-balanced mix of automated and manual processes, as well as quality control measures, pave the way for quality control. At each step of the way, this solution is enriched with quality tools which compare the structure of each document to ensure coherence. All aspects of documents are scrutinized to ensure quality and conformity, including: XML conformity, schema compliance, and semantic compliance.

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