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Om de beste technologie aan onze klanten te kunnen bieden, hebben wij partnerships met digitale marktleiders. Dankzij onze uitgebreide expertise bij het opzetten van digitale platforms in combinatie met een diepgaande kennis van de prioriteiten en doelstellingen van uw onderneming, kunnen wij het beste digitale platform voor uw organisatie selecteren: een oplossing die biedt wat u nodig heeft en die past binnen uw budget.


Dynamic case management transforms public services

A dynamic case management solution based on Documentum helped this governmental organization evolve to an agile way of working. Cases are now 100% digitally handled for faster resolution and high-quality, personalized public services.


Digital transformation in the public sector boosts entrepreneurship and innovation

Download this case study to discover how partnering with AMPLEXOR transformed the way the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KVK) services citizens and businesses. With faster, more accessible public services, KVK created a hassle-free environment for business and entrepreneurship in The Netherlands.


Real-time Documentum reports and dashboards for global pharma company

Download this case study to learn how the Documentum reporting solution developed by AMPLEXOR became a source of valuable information that saves time for users on their daily tasks and improves productivity across the organization.


Taking legal learning experience to new heights at BARBRI

Download this free case study to learn how BARBRI's new learning content management platform based on Alfresco and Componize enables a personalized learning experience for more than 30.000 students a year.



Back to Basics: 10 Things You Need to Know About Enterprise Content Management

Download this Ebook by Alfresco and check the 10 things your ECM needs to optimize of your team, content, and accelerate your company's digital transformation.

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What does best-in-class security and compliance look like?

Download this ebook by our cloud content management partner, Box, and learn how to recentralize control over content and make files easy to access company-wide.

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Innovation is a team sport: how to champion innovation through team collaboration

Download our free ebook to learn how a collaborative culture can transform your organization into one that is more agile and better equipped to innovate.

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4 Trends disrupting Enterprise Content Management - Ebook provided by Alfresco

Catch on the 4 biggest trends transforming enterprise content management in this ebook by Alfresco and find out if it’s time to consider a new approach to ECM.

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