Third Business Transformation Session focuses on enhancing stakeholder collaboration with O365

19 June 2017

Third Business Transformation Session focuses on enhancing stakeholder collaboration with O365

June 19, 2017

Did you know that effective collaboration can make a difference in your company's battle for market share? This was the question that triggered discussion at Amplexor’s third O365 Business Transformation Session last Thursday, 15 June, at our offices in Heverlee-Leuven, Belgium.

Following a complimentary lunch, Lode Vandermeulen, Vice President Sales at Amplexor, introduced the topic of digital transformation and how to engage stakeholders across complex value chains.

Our guest speaker, Sophie Lismonde, co-founder of Consensa Consulting, explained how to build effective business partnerships, detailed current best practices in collaborative business relationship frameworks and presented some real-world case studies of their application.

Vandermeulen was later joined on stage by Fried Verbruggen, Business Development Manager at Amplexor, to present our client BAM Belgium’s success story using Office 365 and Azure AD business-to-business (B2B). BAM ranks among the largest companies in Europe, and one of its most prominent features is a widespread network of regional offices. The solution Amplexor developed and implemented at BAM connected geographically dispersed teams, partners and suppliers.

Pieter Daems, ECS Business Consultant at Amplexor, ended the session with a practical demo of Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups, SharePoint and OneDrive’s external sharing capabilities.

All attendees were inspired by the examples shown during presentations and agreed  Office 365 solutions could help their organizations create personalized experiences, connect processes that strengthen relationships with stakeholders and differentiate them from competitors.

Amplexor’s O365 Business Transformation Sessions, which have been happening since March 2017, have gathered dozens of business representatives in the Leuven region to learn about Office 365’s ability to fuel businesses’ digital transformation processes.

The first session took place on 23 March and introduced participants to digital transformation in the workplace and how Microsoft Office 365 can help organizations capitalize on digital opportunities and exceed business goals.

The second session, which occurred on 27 April, had the following theme: Optimize your collaboration processes and governance with Office 365. This session focused on demonstrating how Office 365 can streamline operations and accelerate responsiveness. 

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