Next generation intranets: Bringing the future of digital collaboration to Ghent

18 October 2018

After the success of our seminars in Leuven and Luxembourg, the world of premium employee experiences and modern collaboration arrived at the idyllic Nieuwgoed Seminariecentrum in Ghent, Belgium, last Thursday, 18 October.

The round table session attracted close to 30 participants from communication, digital, IT and HR backgrounds, to discuss the latest trends in collaboration, internal communications and digital workplaces.

The welcome reception lunch kicked off conversations around everyone’s experiences and challenges on the topic of intranets, facilitating networking among participants and speakers.

This exchange of ideas was a good trigger for the first presentation on “Shaping the Employee Experience with Office 365”. Our returning guest speaker from Leuven, Marc Van de Woestijne, showed impressive numbers regarding the growing adoption of Office 365 worldwide, and followed with practical tips for mapping intranet requirements.

Covering all the available options of intranets on Office 365 and SharePoint, Tom Laureys took the audience through the pros and cons of custom-built platforms and ready-to-go solutions.

Before the Q&A, there was still time to explore alternative out-of-the-box intranet solutions for companies that give priority to faster implementation and less maintenance needs. Damien Dewitte supported the discussion with real-world success cases of one of the most popular intranet-in-a-box platform for Office 365 and SharePoint - Valo.

The seminar received excellent feedback from attendees, with some having already booked an individual intranet consultation to assess their particular business cases with our experts.

Looking for a clear, easy-to-follow path to a new intranet? We've got you covered!