Amplexor Obtains ISO 18587:2017 Certification for Post-Editing of Machine Translation Output

11 March 2020

In early 2019, Amplexor passed audit certification for ISO 18587:2017. This standard outlines the requirements to be followed by organizations offering Machine Translation (MT) and post-editing services.

ISO 18587:2017 defines light and full post-editing and establishes the tasks and quality controls that need to be performed for both levels. It also outlines the qualifications, experience and specific trainings post-editors must acquire in order to provide these services to Amplexor.

The standard also defines the steps Amplexor, as a Language Services Provider, must perform in pre and post-processing phases. This includes ensuring language pairs, content and document formatting are suitable for post-editing, providing post-editors with guidelines to carry out each job and verifying the final product adheres to the client’s specifications.

We are proud of this certification achievement and are excited to contribute to the technology revolution machine translation is bringing to the localization industry.

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