Amplexor attends LocWorld Shenzhen, China

02 March 2017

Amplexor attends LocWorld Shenzhen, China

March 2, 2017

Amplexor’s Global Content experts attended the 33rd edition of the Localization World conference in Shenzhen, China, between 28 February and 2 March. LocWorld33 Shenzhen was the first of the three LocWorld conferences programmed for 2017, and gathered almost 300 participants representing all manner of industries from across the globe. Focusing on “Continuous Delivery”, the conference covered topics such as translation automation, translation technology, content strategy and management, as well as case studies and presentations showing solutions to Asia-specific challenges and opportunities.

The keynote "Asia 2025: What a Region Transformed by Chinese Consumers, Competitors and Capital Is Going to Look Like" by Jeffrey Towson, a professor at Peking University and best-selling author and an expert on how Chinese consumers and competitors are disrupting global markets, explored the longer-term impact of economic forces already underway, such as the rapidly rising number of Chinese consumers (especially Chinese women and millennials); digital transformation of industry; mobile innovation and services among others.

Our professionals also had the chance to attend both Global Business Best Practices and Localization Core Competencies tracks as well as visit the informative exhibition area. The event provided an unique opportunity to hear the latest insights and improve their expertise regarding new tools, methods and business practices in the areas of localization and internationalization, as well as to network and exchange ideas and experiences with peers.

Some highlighted presentations from the full conference program included: 

  • Going Global with Google
  • From Big to Massive: Globalizing and Localizing the World's Largest Small Business Platform
  • Centralization vs Decentralization of Localization Programs in Asia
  • When Localization Technology Meets the Art of Movies
  • Localization Solutions for Continuous Delivery
  • Planning a Global Content Strategy

According to Donna Parrish, publisher of the magazine MultiLingual and co-organizer of LocWorld, considers the event is valuable for people responsible for communicating across the boundaries of language and culture, with a program that’s aimed “to help organizations to be successful by managing language content, controlling quality and staying abreast of ever-changing technology.”

Ulrich Henes, conference co-organizer and president of The Localization Institute, said before the event, “Shenzhen is an important trade and financial center with a robust technology and manufacturing base. We're excited to be hosting a conference here. Attendees are going to enjoy a program that offers many opportunities for learning with some excellent networking opportunities.”

LocWorld is the leading conference for international business, translation, localization and global website management, and a reference event for companies that want to venture into new international markets. 

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